Sunday, January 29, 2012

Leave the Bisquick, grab the red velvet waffle.

Leave it the great city of Los Angeles to make breakfast food cool and sexy.

I’m talking about The Waffle, a chic diner (oxymoron?) located on Sunset Blvd.

From the baked-in applewood smoked bacon waffle, to the cornmeal jalapeno waffle, these folks aren’t messing around in their quest to upgrade the morning classic. (And breakfast lovers should know, the waffle isn’t the only a.m. staple this place innovates).

But before I digress, let’s get to he crème de la crème on this menu: the red velvet waffle. Yes, you read that correctly. A red. velvet. waffle. A delicately-toasted creation that perfectly embodies the rich, cocoa-y goodness and deep blush color of a red velvet cupcake. And, did I mention they top it off with a dollop of “melty” cream cheese frosting?

It’s dessert for breakfast at its best. 

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